Happy girls are pretty

Today I’ll give you some feedback about the new limited edition ‚happy girls are pretty’ from essence. I’m totally in love with this beauty series. The pastel shades are definitive my colours. In spring, summer and autumn I wear it ever and always. It matches perfect with my wardrobe. What I like about the essence products are that they are not that expensive as others but still have quality. Their nail polish dries very quickly and holds at lest for minimum 5 days. You can easily wear this nail colours to work or in school. Or maybe you are invited to a wedding it fits perfect. I don’t wear a blush as often because I forgot it that I have one. The blush from essence made a nice glow on your skin. Essence makes always much about their productions and their appearance. I like that because it’s very important to think about their customers and their preferences. It’s sooo girlie-like. It’s fantastic that the nail file has an envelope. I hate nothing more when you have to store a file in your beauty case without a protection. Have you already seen the details on the eye shadow? Isn’t it cute? It is easy to use the eye shadow and there is always an instruction on the package. I think it will be a successful series.

in corporation with cosnova beauty

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