Civil Wedding

Now it’s official. I am having a brother in law. Last Thursday my sister had her civil wedding in Greifensee near Zurich.

We had a hot, sunny day with a stunning view from the registry office over the lake. The registrar made a good job. It was a very nice ceremony with an excerpt from the story of ‘the Little Prince’ independently she didn’t knew that the little prince was the motto from my sisters wedding. After the official part we went down to the lakeshore to toast with some champagne.

To celebrate we went to the restaurant Schifflände. I can definitely recommend this restaurant. My sister and her husband get a very cute desert from the Schifflände only for them.

May you can already guess where my dress is coming from. Yep, yep mommy made it. And also the dress for the civil wedding from the bride was made by her. It was very pretty.

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