My last week of August was a very stressful holiday in Vorarlberg. It was so much to be done before the wedding started. But I have taken this time to drink some coffee and rummaged in a magazine at the Hotel Gutwinski in Feldkirch. I love the atmosphere on their outdoor area.

It’s a little hidden place not that far from the ‚Ochsenpassage‘ where you can go shopping or having some drinks. The Gutwinski is a very special Hotel in Vorarlberg because there is no others like this. They have an extraordinary, nice interior where you can go on a dinner with your love or maybe you are on a business trip their rooms are really great and cozy. You will never find the same interior somewhere else. The hotel staff is very courteous and nice. They are always warmly welcomed.

That day I was wearing a midi skirt I’ve never thought that I would wear it. I always thought that i’m too short or didn’t know which top i should wear with it. We had a hot day so it was airy and pleasant to wear the midi. My top is from H&M and may you have seen it on my elder posts. The heels from Zign. They are very comfortable and also easy to clean it with a damp cloth when it’s getting dirty. May you can guess which brand is my bag coming from. LOUIS is every time a faithful companion ladies.

Vorarlberg is maybe the most secluded spot in Austria, but it still has little jewels hidden to get explored. Walk with your eyes wide open trough the Ländle.

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Images made by Stephan Schatz

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