FashionCamp Vienna

Saturday, 18th of April was very special to me. I went to my first Bloggerevent – FashionCampVienna! A lost shoe, a laugh, this is how I met Marie. The perfect start for us girls, right?!FCVie-dpcouture


The entrance from the Microsoft Headquarter in Vienna was really special. You saw planted walls, a gaming point for the employees, a very cool kitchen area and a conference room – looking like a cinema. My first thought was how would it be to work there every day. It looks more like a playground for adults.

After a short breakfast with coffee, tea and snacks, we started the first session about „do’s and dont’s for working together with companies“. On this saturday we had and also needed a lot of coffee breaks. We went on with „useful tools for your blog“ supported by the DailyDose Team Vicky and Katharina. It was important for me to know which other platforms exist for blogging.

dpcouturehochriegel pink-dpcouture






We enjoyed a lunch from ANNA’s, which was exactly what we need to get enough power to start the second part of the day.

dpcouture sisley

The beauty workshop with Sisley Austria was very interesting. We learned about the new products they have launched and we tried out their new facial care and make up.




Before the last session started we had a short break with sweet desert from Vapiano. I got a lot information from „The BloGmbH“ with the lawyer Dr. Kathrin Weber and tax director MMag. Barbara Edelmann.





Last but not least the aperitive with the new “Pink Hugo” hosted from Hochriegel was an enjoyable finish. The “Pink Hugo” will be available in summer.


I had a lot of fun this day. It was an awesome experience to be a part of this event. A big THANK YOU to the whole team from FCVie! We will see us in October, girls! 😉


Images from © Manuel Carreon Lopez

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