Wedding Part2

Yes, you know now, that my big sister is going to marry. So we do some self-made decoration with a vintage touch. The bride and bridesmaids met on a Sunday afternoon to craft together. As you can see we made some textile pompons for the church pews. It was a real girlie afternoon. We sipped on our melon-mojitos, ate some pizza, made a coffee break with raspberry muffins and five ladies in chatter mood. For the evening location I took a piece of lace cloth and sewed the ends together by Overlock. Then I put it on an empty jam jar with a candle in it. On few jars you can fix coloured ties. In the end it will be light up in the garden at the villa. It was the ideal amusement on that rainy day we had.

wedding dpcouture  melonmojito dp couture dpcouture textile pompon textilpompon dp couture dp couturedp couture jam jar dpcouture cagewedding dp couture

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