Sometimes you are stressed, depressed or just tired. Don’t forget to treat you and your skin right. Some Spa’s are very expensive so I often decide to make my own girl’s day at home. You can do it alone, with your friends or also with your love.

On these days I start the morning with a large cup of my favorite tea – ginger/lemon. You actually can drink what you like the most. When you need a morning coffee to calm down, drink it. After my breakfast with yoghurt and crunching cereals I’ll put on the facemask from H&M and soak my finger in warm water, so I can cut my nails easier. My favorite one is the coconut water mask. I like the smell and its super moisturizing. After bringing my nails in form I take a long bubble bath with scented candles or a hot shower. It is important to use different creams for your body and your face after the shower because our skin is very sensitive. Wrap yourself in a fluffy bathrobe and relax on the couch. You can prepare your couch with lot of pillows so you can sink in “cloudy dreams”.

You can organize your day as you want. On midday I always eat an avocado-sour cream-toast with some detox fruit water. At the afternoon I always read a book. It’s important to take time for yourself so don’t be afraid to disappoint some friends when you say “no sorry-today is MY selfish day”. They will understand and maybe they’ll do the same.

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