Happy holidays my loves! I hope you spent some blessed days with your family.

I also decided to come back home these days. When I crossed the Arlberg railway tunnel after 6 hours, I knew I’m finally coming home. The positive part of travelling by train is that you can finish a book you’ve never read to end or learn for school or do it like me: answering emails or edit something on my page. Every trip I line up to Vorarlberg, I am beaten which beauty and calmness my homeland owns.


IMG_2884The weather wasn’t pretty enough but I had a wonderful birthday today. Turning 24 will be an exciting year for me. I will finish my education and also start the blog with a BANG too. 🙂 We started MY 🙂 day with our traditional Easter brunch. The birthday/Easter cake were made by my mum and me.


I actually wanted to wear a spring-like skirt made from me because of the rain and snowstorm I decided to wear a cosy slacks and blouse combi. Furthermore the Marc Jacobs perfume DAISY DREAM has a mix between sweet flowers and a nuance of some citrus. A birthday present from my younger sister.

Pants & Shoes: H&M
Blouse: Zara
Purse: Armani Jeans
Parfume: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
Ring: Granny’s heirloom

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