During the wedding week I decided to explore Feldkirch in Vorarlberg. It was a sunny afternoon but not that hot summer day as usual. By strolling through the Ochsenpasage I passed by the store from Sagmeister. The shops from Sagmeister are located in Bregenz, Dornbirn Feldkirch and in the winter resort Lech at the Arlberg. In the past few years I always used to go shopping there because at Sagmeister’s you can get high quality labels like Prada, Gucci etc. Vorarlberg is to small and uninterested for the big brands to open a flagship store there. Since living in Vienna it’s nearly a daily routine stepping by at shops like these. On the streets of Vienna you can see a Louis Vuitton or a Chanel bag on every second arm. It is almost getting usual. Sagmeister brings a little bit of high fashion to the Ländle. I like to go there because they are all very nice and the atmosphere in the shop is really pleasant.
In Feldkirch there are also other cute little shops and on every Tuesday and Saturday there are a weekly market at the end of the Ochsenpassage.
After a long shopping afternoon you deserve a delicious dinner at the Hotel Gutwinski. I fell in love from the first sight at the ambience and the interior there.

Denise PolzhoferSagmeister denise polzhoferSagmeister dp couture Denise PolzhoferFeldkirch Markt Denise PolzhoferFeldkirch dp coutureFeldkirch Ochsenpassage Denise PolzhoferGutwinski Restaurant Furla crossbodyGutwinski Rezeption Gutwinski Feldkirch

Photos made by Stephan Schatz

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