Well, my last post was very ’casual’, this time I’ve a business outfit for you.

For spring course the delicate colors are selected. Whenever I wear this skirt, I am reminded of a certain kind of ice from my childhood.
Green apple. It was one of my favorite ice cream and identical light green, which makes me reminisce forever. Because the weather in april could change everytime, I wore my trenchcoat by H&M. In the old days I used to dance with such heels by night. Today I only have to wear it for business reasons. High heels hurt not only no, you have the one or other advantages. Who can look a little taller, but also acts as a lot specific and success-oriented, what one in business can often open a new door. The skin-colored heels are by Zign.

The one or the other of you have already seen in a previous post my little China Import. Thus is meant my Apple Green bag.

The fine bracelet I got from my Mister to my birthday and it is from NewOne.

Fun wasn’t missing with my dear photographer Carmen. Carmen has brought a totally cool vintage camera that I just find necessarily had to be on the images. Whether hold on this old baby a few great pictures hidden, but we have not found a USB port. Laughing *

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