It is the time the brides love it and the wedding guests not always share it with the same enthusiasm. Why it is like that? For me it is definitely the case with the right clothes. Since it is already beginning times whether only married at the registry office or is it only to the big party afterwards invited or you are also present at the church wedding.

For everything there is a dresscode even if the bride and groom not desired dresscode is off hook.

The most important thing is definitely that it does not wear black or white! For men, a black suit is entirely appropriate, but a taboo for women. Black I can wear at a funeral but do not wear it on a wedding. The white understood hopefully by itself. This is reserved for the bride. If you decide for a dress – please not too short and also not ground long, because the bride usually wears too long bottom and it’s her day. If the couple expresses color requests that respects me and even comes after. Of course your dress does not have to be bright pink, no, it is enough if you get maybe a pink hairband or possibly pink shoes or a handbag in the desired color. Just the same is true for men. There are ties and bow ties in all colors. Even socks and handkerchiefs there are in these tones. So do not come with the excuse that you have found nothing. In an emergency, would be available on the web one of those things. Bride and groom have in fact what meant the dress code here.

Perfect colors for us women are nice pastel colors like mint, pink, peach, yellow etc., because these colors fits also someone who is not tanned. Pay attention simply on whether the color change into warm or cold tones. Who pastel does not appeal, may like to fall back on stronger colors.

When you shall be with the church wedding here, considering the possibility that your shoulders are covered. If your dress should be shoulder, you can easily just a light cloth over throw, which you can store just after the church in your bag if it has outside 30 degrees.

Well and after all the rules and things that you must not do, now a MUST: Just have fun at these eventful days!

Photos by Carmen Trappenberg

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