Unfortunately I have to disappoint you this time. In today’s post, there is nothing even sewn because volants would have been simply too difficult for me. 😀 Nevertheless I have found you this sweet top at H&M.
The temperatures at the moment allows us to go out even without a jacket, I decided to have this variant of volants for our blog parade “1 Country – 7 Looks”. I always find it quite exciting as we usually one month in advance to discuss our issues and in the end no one is wearing the same piece without clarifying where it comes from. Because it is so often the case that, for example, a top or shoes from Zara, Asos etc. are a total Blogger must-have, and yet we haven’t a problem till now.
My Mister and I had this time to master not only a challenge, no we had two. The first: we indeed have our own SLR camera but the cam from his brother in law is quite a bit cooler and better. He had a few startingproblems, but the photos are shot with the lens 18-250, become much better. Normally our baby has a standard 18-55. Our second problem – Christoph and I are not quite on a wavelength when it comes to that point of view I would like, even though he has yet to film the whole spectacle. Well that’s what happens when two such creative minds meet each other. 😀

Top: H&M
Trousers: Stradivarius
Shoes: H&M
Ring: Swarovski
Bag: H&M
Specs: China

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