The feeling that summer has finally turned round in Vienna, has not yet done so wide at me. In the morning, I find it to be cooled without a jacket to go out of the house, during the day it is too hot and at the evening you might still have the bad luck that it’s like pouring with rain.

Today’s outfit I find a great solution for those days. With the heels you can wear it in the evening or at the office. For all of you sporties the dress can also be combined with sneakers.

Who is getting bolder, you can add some cowboy flair confer where he just attracts short boots now.

Actually, I was thinking that I am the perfect tourist. When I arrived 3 years ago in Vienna, I first shopped all sights of Vienna to get a good overview of the city. I have also been felt 100 times in the park of Schönbrunn Palace strangely has never driven me to the left side of the palace garden. I was completely overwhelmed by our shooting location, since I have never discovered this ancient Roman fountain. There is even a large dovecote middle of the park. What I also did not know that, dozens of these geo-caching hiding located in the castle park. You do not know what that is? I did not know this either. *Laughing

Michael had then informed me as I looked at him in surprise when he suddenly started in a hole in a wall to dig. Around the world there are hiding places, which can be identified using an app. The goal is of course to find it all. I personally find it a pretty cool modern age treasure hunt and a great pastime. According to the app to 3-4 such treasures kept well hidden directly at our location.

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