Whether longitudinal or transverse striped – stripes always go. I am glad that we have chosen the month of August of this issue for our blogger series, because this post was very long time on my contribution plan. Sooner or later, would be already something went online but I was more or less condemned to finally write this post. Actually another garment was indeed planned, but by accident I remained still hanging with my mother last Saturday in a fabric store and as it did to me a particular fabric roll immediately. Yes, the typical sailor stripes pattern. It’s just super classic and can be worn everytime. Whether combined with jeans or a nice blazer with gold buttons on it, it always has the certain smack of summer.

My shirt was in not even one afternoon completely cut and ready to wear. Sure the original cut was not difficult at all but since I’m known for that I combine not only for a pattern near but usually two or three sections, my mother and I still have a bit of pondering for the final cut. 😀 I think we have succeeded quite well. Best I liked the exhibited under sleeve. That was the only reason why I have conjured up this shirt. I combined a simple jeans, black ballerinas and a easy clutch, everything from H&M.

A little tip for all the sewingmonsters in Vorarlberg: most fabrics I refer from the small store by Drawitex in Feldkirch. A huge selection like Komolka in Vienna, he has not, but mostly I find a bit of everything. In the past days Vorarlberg was indeed the Fabric & Embroidery stronghold Austria. Meanwhile, I have to go right across the westerly province for some lace or an ordinary taffeta or silk fabric. What a pity..

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    1. Oje, oje Schnittmuster sind nicht so unser Ding, weil wir so viele Muster immer zusammenstückeln oder sogar einfach auf gut Glück probieren 😀 Aber ich werd mir mal was überlegen 😉

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