Again and again I read in certain groups, what you should do as a blogger and what total faux pas are. Of course I agree with things like “I read only reluctantly blogs without too many spelling mistakes” or “Please see to it that your Advertising have correctly labeled” too, but I think when it then comes as the images are processed, or if the page is a pure product review, you should let people make their own thing.

It’s not YOUR blog. You have your OWN.

I find the most important on a blog, whether fashion, lifestyle, food, diary or the other 100 lines of blogs out there, should be that the fun on writing aren’t lost. Honestly, everyone likes your content as much as you do? No definitely not, but why there are sooo many different types of blogs and your particular readership.

Terrible, I find it when girls are reduced only in their physical and being labeled as too fat or get nasty comments about crooked teeth or strong acne. What is this about? When I read things like that, I wonder if someone speak with them like they do?

Do you know which blogs I read the most? There are blogs that are still at the beginning of their story because you recognize the written words how much fire and joy is still in it, and the pressure just to produce content is not just there. Of course, I also like to read articles by famous bloggers, but there interested me more beautiful quality pictures and often not the written, because it is often sponsored only. One-two sponsored posts between inside do not care, only what interests me the personal stories and experiences that they make in life.

Sorry for my contribution today, but I just felt that I must get rid of that sometimes that. Tips are good and are also readily accepted by most, but a rule or a duty isn’t it yet.

Photo credit by Michael Smolka

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