Finally, the days are getting longer, the sun is often seen and nature confesses again Color. Reason enough to get me one of my favorite colors out of the closet. Sorry but I can’t resist the color pink. I’m just a real girl.

As I have told you already, I want to present you my second photographer.

Carmen Trappenberg. It was super easy to work with her and the joy also hasn’t been missing. I’m looking forward to your feedback about our pics. More great shots of Carmen you can admire on her Facebook page. She is a pro in taking family portraits and the sweetest baby pictures.

For the shoot, we had the perfect temperature, but unfortunately we had some problems with the direct sunlight. Fortunately, we finally found a perfect place.

In the sun, it may indeed be stifling hot in the spring but anyway I still wore a blazer (H & M), beacause it can be still very cold in the shades. For safety, I wore a scarf (NewYorker) so I will not have a cold because I underestimated the weather. My pants I bought at Guess. The top you can grab every year at H & M in various colors and my ballerinas that glisten in the sunlight easily, are from Mango. The bag you can still order from Zara, you can buy the ring throughout the year at Swarovski.

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