Christmas is over, but is there a reason to sparkle no longer? Of course not.

Exactly on such grey days, I have to lift my mood with little things like these. In the photos, perhaps it may not look like, but my photographer and I have frozen pretty last Thursday. According to the weather, it was originally called, that we can expect at least 8 degrees and sunshine. Nonsense! Within 10 minutes’ tram ride it began to rain and on the way from the Bim to the shooting location it started snowing. (For the people passing by we must have looked pretty desperate) Because we firmly believed that this was an early April Fool’s joke, we had killed us the time with a comfortable coffee at Sturbucks. The sun was hardly to be foreseen, we caught our things and marched fast to Albertina over.

And once again, I just notice that everything I’m wearing is from H&M.

Photos by Sara (High for the jolly life)

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