I thought it would be time again to present you one of my self-sewn pieces. This sleeveless vest was already sewn towards the end of summer, but it was still too warm for me to be able to put this great piece in the right place. The material is made of wool, so it is good in the transitional period and also in winter wearable. For really cold days, however, I would recommend you wear a slightly thicker sweater underneath. But if you want to wear the vest indoor, sew this model simply with a slightly lighter fabric such as for a nobler look with Creppsatin or a fine cotton mix, then it falls somewhat “looser”. As you can see, there are almost no limits to this piece in colour and material. As you know, all my cuts are either from Burda or a slightly modified form of the cut of their pieces. This time I left the cut as he was. 🙂

The cut you find here, by the way, or for all Burda buyers, in the issue September2016. I personally belong to the book buyers, because I find it just more pleasant to have all the cut patterns at home.

I decided to combine the vest with a loose blouse. I think it gives the whole a more casual touch. Of course, I can also wear it with a dress.

Vest: selfmade/Burda
Jeans: H&M
Ankle Boots: Deichmann
Clutch: Mango
Bracelet: NewOne

Photocredit Anna Grünauer

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