As you may remind, I published a post about Barcelona some time ago. This time I would like to present a small restaurant in this great city.

The Sate Bar.

It wasn’t difficult to find, but my friend and I had up to three starts to reach it finally.

The first attempt was definitely on the back of my friend. He probably thought he was a professional of reading maps. Since he did not want to leave and my instinct (I have the directions of course previously viewed on the Internet), we have several times on a road parallel to it marched past. You can already think how I felt. At night in a strange city, with rather more coherent leaving streets and I was really hungry, you always have a weired feeling with a little dash of anger.

The second attempt was more relaxed. Our hope for success was not indulged. The owners of the SateBar were unfortunately not to be found only in the evening. Why this was so important for me to meet them? It was the son of my neighbor from my hometown in Vorarlberg. All good things come in threes. When we arrived at the bar in the evening, all the stress of the two previous attempts, was already forgotten.

Patricia and Bernard run the bar with passion and spanish coziness. You can find these two in the Carrer Tamarit 101 very near the Plaça d’Espanya. Do not ask me if the food is now Thai or Asian but what I know is that you definitely find any tapas. Of these there are finally enough in Barcelona.

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