As soon as we arrived at home and try as soon as possible to write down the impressions of the two days in Sanremo and all I can think of: we had a full stomach! 😀

No, that was nonsense, of course, not all. The first positive surprise was the upgrade of our room in the Hotel Globo. Why did we get this upgrade, we didn’t know. But so what, for us it was not more than the original room cost. After we unloaded our luggage we went right away to the beach and I was quite surprised how clean it was everywhere. Since we already’re all a little older, we paid for the beach chairs with umbrella for half the day 9, – Euro. In the evening, we asked the hotel about a good pizza place and found it. With geographical difficulties appreciated. 😀 But we had luck that we picked up a local who took us by the hand and showed us the way. I think he had noticed our hungry and desperate faces.

Sanremo has a sweet little old town that you have to see, excellent restaurants and great bars. The city seafront is not too large and can therefore also be super explored on foot. Unfortunately we were only passing through there, but I think we will be there again soon.

Oh, arriving a tip for all by car: traveling with a small car in which you scratches or dents will not interfere. The Italian car and moped riders have no rules on the road. At lunchtime, even the lights are turned off. It amazes me that we have witnessed no accidents.

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