Rosé loves nude and nude loves rosé. However you turn it, these two colours simply belong together for me. And all year round.

I just think it’s just that easy not to have to worry about whether my jewellery, the nail polish colour and my clothes fit together. Not only that the colour is decent nude, the nail still looks well maintained, even if now and then a bit of paint splintered. Which I think is very convenient if you are as lazy as I am. 😀 Just because it does not stand out so much from the skin tone, as it would do a gaudier nail polish.

My post today is not an ad for Essie. I’ve been a total supporter of the brand for many years. I’m really surprised that it did not make a contribution by now. Nowadays, advertising must be clearly labeled as such.

For the last year, I am wearing more jewellery again. Nothing pretentious. Rather fine rings and thin cloth bracelets. Best of all from NewOne. I think the price-performance is just great. While rings from other manufacturers start looking or worn after a few months, my pieces are still in perfect condition. Even the countless daily hand disinfectant baths are no problem. They don’t get another cleaning. Because I must confess, I am extremely careless in the care of my jewellery. An ultrasound bath has never seen it from the inside. 😀

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