Guys, I’ll tell you … time just goes by way too fast. This post was already planned for December for our trend series “One Trend – different Styles”. But I did not get it on time in time. Now we have been around for more than half of January and this is my first blogpost in the new year. I would say that this is probably not such a good quote. 😀 Especially because I wanted to force myself since September again and again to the computer to write more posts again. Because if you work at the PC from seven in the morning until five in the evening, you simply do not feel like you’re in the mood anymore. Or how do you see that?

But let’s get to the actual topic. The ball season is currently in full swing and as I have planned this year at least to dance on one dance, had a corresponding outfit ago. YES, it’s short, but I’m still in shape. (Do I suffer overconfidence?) HAHAHA

And besides only the high school graduates appear with a long evening dress on their prom, rarely anyone other does it. In Vienna, for example, this would be unthinkable. There, the floor-length evening gown belongs to etiquette.

As promised, I also have something tailor made in “my luggage” for you. So I have to say that this dress cost me a lot of time and patience. The lace had to be sewn entirely by hand. You do not believe how many times I involuntarily used my finger as a pincushion. 😀 At some point I was able to cope with it and it made me all the more proud that I did not throw it in the corner at some point.

Dress: Selfmade
Heels: Aldo
Bag: stole it from mom 😀

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  1. Das mit der Zeit kenne ich nur zu gut.. manchmal kann ich mich auch nicht dazu überwinden mich hinter meinen Laptop zu setzen und etwas zu schreiben. Es gibt noch hunderte andere Sachen, die zu erledigen sind und da bin ich dann mal froh eine kurze Verschnaufpause auf der Couch zu verbringen 😉

    Dein Outfit ist wunderschön, du siehst einfach bezaubernd aus!!
    Ich wünschte, ich könnte auch so schöne Kleider selber machen 🙂

  2. Woooow! Wahnsinn was du alles zaubern/schneidern kannst 🙂 Echt total schön. Ich find’s cool, dass du auch Zeugs deiner Mama ausborgst – das mach ich auch immer, deshalb musste ich jetzt einfach mal kommentieren ;D Toller Blog!


    PS: falls du auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen möchtest: http://www.thefashionalist.at – würd mich freuen!

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