The winter is slowly coming to an end and I would like to present you my last winter outfit.

Originally this grey artificial fur jacket was meant for the transition temperatures between autumn and winter as well as from winter to spring. Because I could not imagine that this jacket could keep me warm even at slight minus degrees.

I was brave anyway and wanted to know more of course. 😉 This test she even mastered bravely.

The fact that I had sewn the jacket by myself makes me still a little prouder. I bought the fabric as so often at Komolka in Vienna for about € 100, – per meter. A fair price because a purchased artificial fur jacket has your price as well.

Please forgive me if I don’t know where I got the puttern for the jacket. But I am pretty sure it was taken out of some old Burda. A very similar and simple cut you can find here. I should really get used to collecting my patterns in one place and very important, to label it. 😀

Photocredit by Carmen Trappenberg

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