As an absolute spring child, I could eternally pretend how wonderfully everything thrives! The lovely petals could hang around the trees all year round, even if that would not promote my allergy. 😀

This year, too, I managed to shoot an outfit in between the cherry trees of the Japanese Setagaya Park in Vienna.

Actually my mister should have shot the pics. To his great fortune, he got away with a blue eye. 😛 By chance, we met the dear Carmen in the park. She was also looking for a few cherry blossoms in full bloom. Sometimes the unexpected happens often, right?

I’m a little proud to let you know that my off-shoulder top was sewn by me and my white jeans was also spiced up by myself. ;P

The top know one or the other of you from a last year’s contribution when we walked through Grasse. The pants are a little longer in my possession but it was worn extremely rare. Since I am not exactly the biggest was to me the jeans always too long and to cut off, I was always too lazy. But when I recently had bored me to death one evening, I came across the glorious idea of ​​”jacking up” a pair of white jeans. Since I had needle and thread for the beads already in the hand, the pants was then eh in no time simply cut off. (Did not even hurt.) 😀

If you want to imitate it and also apply beads to a piece of clothing, take the sewing thread in any case twice and knot it on the inside several times, so that the first wash your work was not for nothing. Because the sewing part took me a lot of time. This could be because of the fact that I just worked very slowly.

What do you think of my new “creation”?


Top: selfmade
Jeans: H&M (Pearls: Baywa)
Bag: Furla
Loafer: Zara

Photocredit by Carmen Trappenberg

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