A few years ago it was totally uncool to roll up our pants. Now the whole thing is totally in. It even has a name. The so-called “flanking”.

I used to always roll up my pants because my legs were simply too short. Today I do it because I like it. 😀 The small difference between then and today is that now the trouser legs are rolled up to over the ankle.

In the warmer half of the year, I think that’s pretty cool and pleasant but when I see all the young girls who walk around the winter in freezing temperatures with ankle-free pants, I just don’t understand it. Not only that I would be terribly cold, no, all the alarm bells would ring for a bladder infection.

Since I’m lucky, that it will be even more frothy this week and the degrees will claw up to the 15 mark. 😛 I like to take the headache for it.

I must confess that these photos were taken while I was still living in Vienna. They’ve been around my desktop for a while. 😀 But I’m really not the only blogger from time to time just have these nasty “don’t wanna do anything” phase.

Except for the season, I wouldn’t change this outfit at all. Well, maybe I would pull a pair of tights for safety. We are not getting any younger 😉

How do you actually find the shoes that I have chosen for this outfit? At first I was a total opponent of these treads. I just found them way too masculine. In the meantime, I totally fell in love with them, because they have a slightly more feminine appearance than the models that came on the market 1 ½ years ago.

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