One of the most popular days of the week are the Friday’s. For many of the working population is already 12 o’clock time for the WEEKEND.

In the shopping streets it is swarming only thus with people and the coffee houses aren’t filled less. Because I have always school of Friday afternoon, these first free hours of the weekend are not quite handy for me yet. But when it happens that I haven’t school, my partner is taken by the hand and dragged into the city. City life I could not think away to me now. Despite the bustle I’m as cool as because I’m not there to grab at any clothes, no it’s the atmosphere – the flair which surrounds me. The whole load will be restored and preserved gradually come back to beautiful old buildings. Yes, there are many beautiful cities such as Prague and Zurich but none of them is as beautiful as my adopted hometown Vienna. Because despite some sunshine in the capital city it is still quite fresh and in February never really known if it is raining or not. Equipped with rubber boots (found at Amazon), umbrella, bag (Emporio Armani), thick tights, down jacket (Moncler), skirt and scarf (H&M), sweater (NewYorker) and last but not least, a hat on my head (also from H&M).

Well wrapped nothing can stand in your way for a leisurely stroll through the city!

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