Christmas is getting closer and I just got two gifts until now. According to my gift plan, I should have already had everything at home weeks ago.

I am a person who always overthinks two or three times. The first time it seems to me fantastic, perfect, glorious and/or even funny. The joke then understand most only me … 😀 The second time I think it’s all sh**. The third time I am not so convinced of the gift but not totally depressed that the gift could not please the other. What can happen then, however, is that I have thousands of ideas for a person and nothing for the next one. This always frustrates me the most.

And this year my mother gave us a very special task. She gave and a price limit of € 30,-. Do you know how hard it is? Yeah, well, the last few years it’s really escalated with the presents, but what is it, Christmas is only once a year. 😀

For all who have not yet all the presents together, how about some ideas on my part? I have found some things from Esprit which you could give away, but also some great pieces for you if your Christmas outfit is not set yet. My personal favourite is the black tulle skirt with the Bee Maja sequin top.


There was a time when Esprit was hardly existent for me, since the things on me have always been much too adult. And now with my crisp 25 years, I’m totally on a wave with this brand. Straight lines of brocade, silk and cotton have now almost completely taken over my wardrobe. Probably not a single piece of polyester will soon be found. And that’s good.

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