Spring is officially here and my birthday is coming too. The perfect time to present you my love for my favourite season.

Nothing is more spring and my birthday than the colour pink. What a surprise. 😀 Quite honest people, who needs these pantone colours when we can have pink! Everything appears so light and lovely, and even in nature the colour is always up-to-date in spring. The cherry tree blossoms, the apple tree blossoms, the magnolia, all they wear the colours white and pink.

The highlight of my spring wonders are, what a miracle 😛 , the glittering sneakers from Esprit. The combination of comfortable shoes, pink and then also a touch of glitter – I get the feeling of being “in heaven”! 😀

I am convinced that I am not the only one who melts such seeing those clothes.

If I know that we are going to the park at the afternoon, a bigger bag is a must for me! Because of course I need more space for a blanket, something to drink, a book and very important some snacks. For this, however, is not claimed any shopping bag, no, that must also match the outfit. After all, we want to look good on the way to “do nothing”. 😀

I have been shopping for Esprit for many years now, because I simply find that the price-performance ratio is right. Even after an infinite number of wash cycles, the quality remains constant. I do not like it when the t-shirts after one or two times of washing loose their fit! An absolute permanent burner in my wardrobe and almost daily in use, is a beige trench coat from Esprit.

But since the spring is not only calls for new leisure clothes, but also the business to be re-dressed, I have you saved my darlings for the work.

For a serious appearance at work, you are never wrong with an outfit from navi and white. I think that the blue is a bit of calm down, colour therapy. Perhaps there is only this mood for me, because if I see white and blue, I immediately fall into holiday mood. 😛

In order to give the outfit an eye-catcher, the whole thing simply combines with a metallic it-piece. Whether it’s the shoes that are noticeable or in my case, one of my favourites, this silver crossbody bag, as long as it remains with one eye-catcher, everything is good. 🙂 We don’t want the outfit to be obtrusive and overloaded.

Currently, I only wear smaller shoulder bags, because apart from my mobile phone, the key collar, some small money and my EC card is nothing in my pocket. The practical thing about the crossbody bags are that you always have both hands free to shop and you do not have to jog around when a big bag slips from the shoulder.

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