Posted: 6. November 2016 by Denise Polzhofer

It has been quite a while since there was something new on the beauty front. This time I was really courageous for the colour selection. Actually, I’ve been looking for the right nude lipstick for years. Unfortunately unsuccessful. But lately I feel drawn to something more colour. So I would like to introduce you now my autumn/winter favourites. I smiled a little when I wanted to capture the individual lipsticks. 3 of 5 lipsticks were from the brand essence. 😀

essence Long Lasting 07
A light pink rose underlines the daily makeup without applying thickly. The “Long Lasting” holds what it promises and is perfect for the everyday look.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Maroon 020
Currently my absolute favourite – it is fantastic and does not dry my lips at all. And that my dear ones, this is already meaning something! The colour appears in a milky chocolate. I like it very much!

essence Cool Nude 05
The Cool Nude is not very different to the long-lasting one. It goes a bit more into the brownish and falls only to the weight if one would like to adapt his clothing style thereafter. It, too, is pleasant to apply.

Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe 725
This is one of my brightest lipsticks I own and comes close to my dream colour of the nude tones. Unfortunately, the consistency is rather drier and if my lips have a bad day completely unsuitable as the whole colour collects between the brittle spots.

essence Sheer & Shine 16
This shade is super nice but not meant for me every day. Unfortunately, I’m not very brave. However for a date just the right one! I am the opinion that the evening look should be different from day makeup. Otherwise it is nothing special anymore. The application succeeds because it is more liquid.

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  • Who is Mocca? Tuesday November 8th, 2016 at 06:55 PM

    Die Farben sind super. Vor allem den von essence mag ich auch total gern!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Verena von

  • Sarah Monday November 7th, 2016 at 07:21 PM

    Die Farben sind wirklich toll! 🙂
    Ich trage momentan dunkle Lippenstifte sehr gerne! 🙂
    LG <3

    • Denise Polzhofer Monday November 7th, 2016 at 09:34 PM

      Ja ich find die dunklen auch toll nur leider bin ich nicht ganz so mutig 😀


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