The theme for February: the logo shirt!

Many children from the 90s will definitely remember it as if it were yesterday. Some will love it, but the others are now perhaps also clasping their hands over their heads. 😉

No matter if D&G, Champion, Hilfiger or in my case Converse, the logo shirts are allowed again.

A few years ago these shirts had only space in my bed or with the sport.

I decided this time for the easy-going lumberjack look. 😛 Since I love my (slapped) All Stars just about everything, it was obvious that a matching logo shirt had to be made. My logo in this form is certainly not salonable but a shirt from Calvin Klein or Dolce&Gabbana combined with a skinny jeans, high heels and a blazer is quite. The interesting thing is the break-up of the style.

The most important and unique feature of the logo shirts is, of course, to recognize the brand from a distance of 1000 meters.

But what you should consider nevertheless with your Outfit: one logo per outfit is enough.

What do you really think about the comeback of the 90s? Top or flop?

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