I had the honor to test the new products “Lights of Orient” by essence again. Of course I was very happy about it, when I found a package in front of my door.

Once more I was happy when I had a closer look on the products and came to the conclusion that the products of essence haven’t dissapointed me.

For once I have to rapture how much I love the lipstick. My lips are always very brittle and thus very vulnerable that the lipstick is sometimes thicker and thinner is on my lips. This is already my second lipstick I own by essence and have been totally blown away. The matte lipstick, there are two colours more I have to go and get it. Firstly because my lips on the one hand tolerated the lipstick and on the other hand it holds truly bombastic well. The color I got is very nice, however, I think it is more of a color for the evening.

You know perhaps that I’m not really the best make-up artist and I haven’t my eyebrows always under control, but the brighter of the two eyebrow pencils has just the right color to cover up my mistakes totally natural.

Furthermore a blush&bronzer was with the associated brush in the package. The brush hasn’t lost a single hair by now, and the two “highlighter” look not only beautiful, but also give my not really tanned face, a healthier look. Laughing*

So and now the best for last: the essence products have a top price-performance ratio, because it costs a fortune and the products are super easy to handle on sensitive skin.

Afriendly cooperation with the Cosnova GmbH

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