So now I’m also nominated with the Liebster Award. I was nominated by Mira from the blog Roedluvan. This award it used to support other bloggers. And so Mira has asked me a few questions, which of course I don’t want to hide from you:

1. What has been your best or most exciting travel?

Last year in Barcelona. We had perfect weather, a super nice hotel, we had the right mix of sightseeing and beach and we ate like gods

2. Which piece of clothing could you never remove from your closet?

My Louis Vuitton Sneakers, because they are really comfortable but unfortunately very sensitive by the beige suede.

3. If you think back to the beginning of your blog, what would you have done differently?

I should host my blog itself by the beginning. It had me taken a lot less nervous.

4. You have the opportunity to go one step further as a blogger and either create a collection, publish a book or make a trip around the world. What to do immediately and what would it actually look like you do?

I would definitely create a collection. The “Parisian chic” has impressed me a lot.

5. What do you prefer for breakfast currently?

A Nutella bread with coffee

6. Why did you start blogging?

I had the idea, to do something with my passion for fashion without having a size zero or to be the next Coco Chanel. To present beautiful photos, sharing my thoughts with others.

7. What’s on your / and on other blogs most important to you?

The honesty / credibility. I write about things of which I am convinced, and not because it maybe somewhere brings advantages / money.

8. How do you approach the design of a blog post?


9. If you could learn any language instantly at your fingertips, what would it be?

Korean. I’ve already started to learn it but at the moment the Matura come first.

10. What career aspirations you had when you were a child?

I wanted to be a baker in the night and the day I would be a kindergarten teacher. *lol

11. What would be the greatest thing that your blog could ever happen?

Well every blogger wishes. To attend a high level of awareness.

Since I do not want to step out of line, I now nominate Sara with her blog Highforthejollylife and Corinna from Wingsaregolden. I hope you two do not hate me now. *lol

What I also wanted to tell you…

…last week I had again the pleasure to participate the workshop “Be a Mlogger” with Kat from Teastoriesblog hosted by BlogUp Official. As always, Corinna, the organizer was well prepared and spoiled us with culinary delights. A big thank you once again in this way to Corinna and your boyfriend. So, now you certainly ask yourself what is a “Mlogger” ?! Model + Blogger. How to pose as a blogger. Where do I stand, what do I do with my hands, etc. Question after question has answered us the lovely Kat patiently. Why Kat? She is handling her blog, modeling career and study successful. Besides of course a funny coincidence of several bloggers and a few useful results have come with us about. And by the way, the two pictures in this post originated last week with self-timer.

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