I finally managed to write a post about my lemon shorts. And where it would be better to wear a garment with lemons? Exactly, in Italy. Who still needs a bit of pondering – in Italy there is this famous lemon liqueur, is said to have its origin in Capri. Certainly was not the origin of the liqueur but, well what it does to know for a role where this liquor now comes from when my article is about my pants.

Pride I must announce that I sewed the shorts itself. Of course, under the strict eyes of the “boss” – my mom. Without her helping hand I could hardly sew a garment to end. I finally want zippers in my pants and dresses. 😀 If I can not anything, it is to sew those stupid zippers. I think I also know none of these things like to sew. If they do, should or not they read immediately contact me. 😉

The fabric for the pants I have bought at Komolka in Vienna. Not a single time I leave this fabricheaven with empty hands. Especially bad it goes to when my family is with me. Then we can leave the store with larger shopping bags. And dad, he have to drag it.

To my own tailored shorts I’ve combined a lacetop and a crossbody bag from Zara. The shoes I have found before the summer in Jello. Yes, if something like that, then I’ll buy it whether it is a super chic brand or just sometimes summery shoes at Jello, which cost me only € 20. So I have no problem.

I was inspired by Dolce & Gabbana to sew this pants.

In spring they had quite great creations with citric and floral prints and dresses with Italian coastal cities on it. Still, they have the right shoes and a stunning bag, which unfortunately was a little too expensive. € 1.500 a bag which I will use it only 2-3 times a year, the money would be thrown out the window.

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