In winter the mountains, in summer the Lake Constance. Austria’s most westerly state is, in my opinion, totally underestimated by everyone else. When I say in Vienna that I am from Vorarlberg, the others are suddenly quite surprised. People have a completely wrong idea of ​​Vorarlberg. Most of them would say that behind the Arlberg there are only mountain villages, cows and cheese noodles called ‘käsespätzle’. Well, there you are wrong my loved ones. Of course we are not to compare with Vienna, but also we have shopping malls, cultural offers and flowing, warm water. 😀

It is also not that when I visit with my parents (ca. 4,000 inhabitants of the municipality) that we are completely isolated and need half an eternity to get to the next village/community/town. In Sulz, for example, the transition of the municipalities, to one side Rankweil and to the other Röthis is marked only by a town sign, and not, as is often the case in Burgenland, an eternally long country road. Likewise, the highway and train connection passes through so that it is easy and fast to reach everything. So I’m very fast at the beautiful Lake Constance if I would like. Yes, everyone wants to go to Lake Constance. 🙂

You can go from the port by boat to Lindau & Constance in Germany or to Rohrschach in Switzerland. There are many great bathing places, a promenade and one of the most famous festival stages on the water.

On warm summer nights you could almost forget that you are not actually at the sea (apart from the fact that the salt water is missing), but simply at Lake Constance. I’m not a person who likes to be in the water. I rather prefer to be at the water.

A visit at home without having seen Lake Constance is very rare.

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  1. Sehr tolles Outfit – ich mag die Kombi mit der weißen Bluse und dem Pullover!

    Ich finde es schön, wie du über (dein) Vorarlberg schreibst! Ich kenne das, wenn Leute glauben, dass in gewissen Regionen in Österreich, wie in deinem Falle “hinter den Bergen”, nichts los ist. Ich selbst wohne in einem sehr ländlichen Gebiet und als ich damals in Wien aufgrund des Studiums gelebt habe, wurde meine Heimat auch immer ein wenig “belächelt” – als würden wir ohne Strom und Warmwasser leben..haha 🙂

    ❤ Liebste Grüße ❤
    Conny von
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