My dear you know now that I don’t have so much to do with makeup, but nevertheless I test myself now and again through the cosmetics jungle for you. Because if I can manage this, then I guarantee you EVERYONE can. 😀

Often I’ve looked at the coloured pallets and I thought again and again, why the hell am I supposed to clap an orange or green colour onto my face??

Recently, I started to google. I was really shocked by the many videos on YouTube. After five different tutorials, I then said quite self-confidently that I also can do it! Of course, I’ve printed me quickly a list before on which the colour palette is for. Could have been that I must take a look at it. 😀

In order to pass on my newly acquired knowledge correctly, I have extrapolated again on the homepage of KIKO Milano.

Beige: neutralizes visible dark circles under the eyes on fairer skin tones and conceals any brown spots

Lilac: brightens dull complexions and optically corrects yellow skin tones

Orange: colour corrects visible dark circles under the eyes on olive and darker skin tones

Green: reduces the visibility of the skin condition rosacea and redness in general

Highlighter: adds light to the cheekbones, center of the forehead and chin, bridge of the nose, eyebrow arch, Cupid’s bow and the inner corners of the eyes

Somehow it felt to me like “painting by numbers”. Beautifully coloured (photos remain under lock) I went on with the liquid Skin Tone Foundation and a beauty blender. The contouring I have spared for time reasons, but the result could be presentable.

The Foundation I can really recommend you. I’m someone who does not bother to make-up, because I simply feel like I had tons of paste on the face. And of course a bit of laziness belongs to it. 🙂

The Concealer-Stick I must confess, I left out, cause I don’t prefer sticks. What made me look like an old professional was that I had the stick skilfully glide over my back of my hand to see how smooth and creamy the texture is.

In friendly cooperation with KIKO Milano.

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