Is there actually something more beautiful than a summer wedding? I do not think so.

Although I wasn’t yet on too many but the wedding of my big sister did it to me very much. It was a rushing party with an unbelievable location, too much champagne and aching feet, from the hot dance parlour. 😛

One of the things that could ruin such a wedding for the bride is the clothes choice of the guests.

In the meantime it will be clear to everyone, that at a wedding the colour white is reserved for the bride and black, only the suits of the men are.

There are so pretty clothes, but also suits for women, which is perfect for a wedding guest, so you can hang black and white times for a day in the closet. I have been inspired by the huge online shop of Peek & Cloppenburg and I have selected some of my favourites, which you can easily find here. I love it when you can not only buy textiles when you shop online, but you can also put together an entire outfit as there are also shoes and accessories in the assortment.

As you can easily see, my favourite colours in the summer are clearly the pastel coloured ones. 😀

If you are invited to the church ceremony and your dress is shoulder-free, please take a light cloth for your shoulders. The practical thing, it should be a bit cooler in the evening, you have something you can surrender.

I wish when I am going to marry sometime :D, that my guests will stick to the dress code I have set. For, as I said, it is very annoying for the bride, if one does not fulfil their desire. She will finally have thought about it and it is HER big day. 😉

In friendly cooperation with P&C Düsseldorf

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