The most troublesome topic is probably what I prefer now when it is raining and cold again and I don’t like to wear always the same black winter jacket. I haven’t found a coat that really fits me well by now. Then it is called “Grandma, I need an Oversize pullover for outside, now”. While she was making friends with the term Oversize, I was worried about the 12 bales of wool in the meantime. The sweater was knitted in less than a week. When my granny once has the knitting needles in her hand there is no hold for her anymore. Perhaps she also took my “fast” to literally. 😛

You don’t believe how warm this self-knitted sweater keeps. With a singlet and a sweatshirt underneath, it can quite compete with my winter jacket!

What my post actually should be about, how fantastic, cute, ultra cool and pink my glittering boots are. 😀

While I shopped online at Asos I stumbled over it and was immediately in love with them. If it’s glittering and pink, it can happen with me just quickly. Actually, I always played with the thought of sometime to add the Hunter boots, but the right pair hadn’t crossed my way. And now these glitter boots have moved in with me without any further discussion. Whenever I wear them, my mood and the others are brightened. Most of all, of course, have the little girls who pass by and can not turn their eyes away from them. 🙂

But there was also a reaction which I was very pleased with. While I was standing in the subway and leaving the train, a young lady at my age looked at me and said: “Your boots are really great! After my morning they are really a mood brightener. “My mood had also changed afterwards. I was totally surprised and delighted to get such a reaction from a stranger in the subway. I often have to think of this day, because I find that there should be such encounters more often. If you like something you should make it synonymous. Everyone likes a serious compliment, doesn’t it?

Pullover: selfmade/Granny
Dress: Zara
Scarf: NewYorker
Beanie: Review
Bag: Furla
Rubber Boots: Asos

Photocredit by Carmen Trappenberg

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  1. Meine Oma strickt leider nicht und meine Uroma ist leider schon tot 🙁 ich glaub irgendwann bringe ich mir mal selber Stricken bei, ich will auch einen selbstgestricktem Pulli! 😍 die Stiefel sind wirklich der Wahnsinn und da ich grad selber auf der Suche nach hübschen Gummistiefeln bin, werd ich Asos mal einen Besuch abstatten 🙂 danke für den tollen Beitraf!
    Alles Liebe
    Alexandra von http://www.livinglikegolightly.com

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