At the end of September we had a perfect summer end. With 26 degrees you could not complain. Now, on the other hand, my teeth clatter when I control the weather report in the morning. I hope the pictures help you to refresh the memories of your summer. A little warmth from inside can not hurt!

My outfit is by the way not only summery. With tights, Chelsea boots and a cosy scarf, it is also wearable at the current temperatures.

Usually I’m not wearing leather jackets. I had always beloved, but I had the feeling they didn’t fit me well. To much rock for me. 😛

Surprisingly, I find this variant in cognac-coloured full-grain leather and rear slightly cut quite well. What also enchants me is the cut out back of the dress. A sophisticated detail as a counterpart to the front.

Dress&Jacket: Clockhouse
Shoes&Bag: H&M

In friendly cooperation with C&A Clockhouse and GOOQX.

Photocredit by Michael Smolka

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