May a fashion & lifestyle blog even get upset or let off steam? I say YES because the main thing about a blog is to show people that they may not be alone with their thoughts, joys and problems. It doesn’t always have to be a superficial “how-to-wear-post”, it may conceal behind it a story that may be funny or even sad.

When I was chugging back home with all my belongings from Vienna, there was a post from me, to which my mother said: “oh you’re really frustrated, aren’t you?” Why not? Maybe it helped me to leave my beloved Vienna behind for a while. I mean those who want to read my blog, read it and who doesn’t like it, let it stay anyway.

Then we come to the actual topic. You don’t have to and cannot always do it right. Do not try it. Because there will always be one nut that can’t be cracked. Instead, do not be discouraged and enjoy what you do. Already too often I have wasted my precious time with such nonsense. Too much energy wasted. Just thinking about what you could have done better or differently, forget it, because the opposite doesn’t seem to be worth it, that you don’t have to worry about it. After all, he doesn’t do it anyway. Otherwise these thoughts would never come up. Such people will often encounter you in life, be it in the family, in the circle of friends, in your partnership or in your work environment.

I cannot tell you why they react that way. Whether you want to keep one small, or even break them, I have never received an honest answer from those. Too bad.. Already this post robs me a little bit of energy, which I could spend for nicer things. But since there are just too many energy guzzlers and egotists, it has to be said and again that you will not let it pull you down.

“Get out of the sun!” Sometimes it’ll hurt to say that phrase aloud, especially when it comes to the person you’re most likely to hang on. But what price do you want to pay if it keeps you getting smaller and smaller? Think about it!

Photocredit Mara Freudlsperger

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