It’s that time of year again, in which we all allowed to wear very traditional dirndl. To Kirtag or Oktoberfest Dirndl are welcome there. The magnificent, the better. They come in all colours and lengths. With brocade, jacquard, lace or traditional cotton dirndl. Available in white, green, blue and even black. My favourites are the dirndl with marvellous jaquardtops, taffetaskirts as these have a nice stand and an apron of lace. The whole bathed in a pink and champagne-coloured pot and already I melt away.

Although I come from Vorarlberg and dirndl are still liked to wear in smaller villages in everyday versions. I have never owned a real dirndl so far. It never was to get me a nice dress a real occasion. I must also confess that I have never made it to the Oktoberfest in Munich, although it would not even two hours away to drive from our home. Next year I have decided to sew a dirndl itself. Meanwhile, I can collect throughout the year special fabrics that I can start sewing next summer. Until then, I will comfort you with this beautiful dress. Best of all, I find the sweet “Froschgoscherl” around the neck.

Put on a dirndl the first time, I was very shocked how tight these clothes have to be a perfect fit. It took me a little breath and abdominal retraction has helped only partially.

But seriously folks, I found myself quite sexy in this thing. 😀

Dirndl & Blouse: German Princess
Bag: Furla
Shoes: Zara
Specs: RayBan
Bracelet: Pandora

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  1. Wow, so ein Dirndl macht schon was her! Ich selber habe noch nie ein Dirndl besessen und werde mir wohl auch in naher Zukunft keins zulegen – einfach, weil ich dafür nullkommanull Verwendung habe. Sollte es sich eines Tages jedoch anbieten auf das Oktoberfest zu gehen, werde ich vielleicht doch mal in eins reinschlüpfen. Du schaust wundertoll aus auf den Fotos!
    Melia Beli

    1. Ja es ist echt ne Verschwendung wenn man keine Möglichkeit hat es anzuziehen. 🙁
      Freut mich dass es dir gefällt. Man fühlt sich schon etwas anders in so einem tollen Stoff 🙂
      xx Denise

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