This time I want to introduce the new UV-LED lamp from S.He Style Zone. I am one of the girls who doesn’t love spending hours at the hairdresser or at the beautician. I prefer it short and sweet and an evening at home on the sofa. Perfect, because nothing speaks ever against the extremely space-saving LED lamp.

Let’s say I’m not clumsy with my hands, but overwhelmed sometimes rather what can be conjured up with make-up and nail design.

Let’s start at the very beginning. The assembling runs easily as it is just out of the lamp, a power cable and an adapter for the socket. Once everything put together, you can get started in principle already.

Lie down before you start the all you need for example cotton pads, sticks or whatever your otherwise requires best next to you. I think there is nothing worse when I have to interrupt my work felt 100 times, just because I have not previously brought everything I need. Wipe your fingernails with “Nail Cleanser” to remove it from lint. Then, the “Base” -polish is applied and maintained for 60 seconds under the lamp. In the next step you will drive the “Cleanser” again on the treated nails. Now the nail polish of your choice can be applied. This nail polish is not held under the lamp. Waits completely until your paint is cured, and then repeat the step with the “base”. After you’re all nails completely with the “base” of the lamp, one last time is wiped with “Cleanser” the nail surface. And DONE are your nails!

I find the nail polish just great, because the operation is not only super easy, no the varnish even held my cleaning spree.

The paint keep with me a week, because after that I have mostly seen my fill on the color. Who the color no longer like, most of the paint can easily peel off. You can remove the rest oft he polish with normal nail polish remover. The nails are not be damaged because before painting it not be roughened, my nails are very sensitive. You can find the lamp with all the matching colours in any DM-shop.

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  1. Tipp einer jahrelangen Gel-Nägelträgerin: Hände vorher mit Sonnenschutz eincremen! Klingt blöd aber steckt man seine Finger regelmäßig und des Öfteren in so eine UV-Lampe kann ich das nur empfehlen. 🙂

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