This time I will show you a very simple but not quite fast DIY. What you need to:

  • scissors
  • sequins
  • transparent thin cord
  • strawhat
  • pins

Before you make yourselves down sew, you gotta think about what exactly you want to have on your sunhat. And most importantly, what colour should it be? I used for a delicate pink. My two sisters decided them for an azure blue and black. Only when I was almost done with my hat the idea was that I actually could sew my own logo on the sunshade. The opportunities I had then were all unravel again, sew the current lettering to an end and even to decorate a new hat. Well, unravel wasn’t a question for me.

After you now know what colours you need and which text may decorate your hat you put yourselves the sequins simply fixed with pins to see how the whole works and whether there has place. If then everything fits, I would say: let’s go!

Let your creativity run wild and send me your finished beachhats.

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    1. Die Hüte haben wir von C&A und das Pailettenband ist mit einem durchsichtigen Bastelsiech festgenäht. Mit einer Nadel von Hand geheftet. Ich bin mir aber sicher, dass es mit Bastelkleber und 1-2 Stichen sicher auch halten würde 🙂

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