Whether stripes along the length or across the strip, stripes are always a good idea. But now, in the spring, it should not be the conventional navy blue and white bars. No, this month, we are doing it colourful again in “One Trend – Different Styles”! This trend is called ‘bold stripes’.

The spring knocks clearly at the door and brings thus also again a little more colour with my outfit posts. With a little pink, mixed with fresh green and beige make me very, very happy and my mood stands out tremendously. If the sun comes out and the temperatures climb above 15 degrees, I have the feeling with my newly gained energy to tear down trees.

I just feel super at the moment. I spend the last weeks more time with my family and friends who want to accompany me on my way. Likewise, people have re-entered my life, which I took “ad acta” from certain circumstances long time ago. I’m glad to have let these back into my life and among other things very grateful for this opportunity. You know it, too. Some people accompany you for a lifetime, others walk a few steps with you, and a handful return to your path after a short detour. For others, I am glad when these remain in the sinking. 😛

Skirt: selfmade
Blouse: Vintage
Blazer: Zara
Loafer: H&M
Clutch: C&A
Specs: RayBan


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  1. Sooooo schön meine Liebe <3! Finde die Kombi und die Fotos toll!!!! Und ich finde es schön, dass du dir Zeit für deine Familie und Freunde nimmst und kann deine Worte sehr gut verstehen, denn es gibt immer wieder Menschen in unserem Leben, die aus bestimmten Gründen für eine Zeit lang "verschwinden"; aber idwann wieder zurückkommen…das finde ich schön <3

    Und jetzte was ganz anderes: ich liebe deine Beine, hahah 😀

    <3 <3

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