There were times when I could do nothing with blockheels. Mostly my problem was the form of the heels. If the heels were only about 3-4 cm high, I could almost surrender. For me this looked unaesthetic. And the “gait” of the bearers looked pretty funny. But I also have to say that I used to have only flat shoes and high heels with penny heels in the shoe cabinet. Something else was out of the question for me.

Today I see the whole thing a little different. There are countless shapes and materials that make it easier for me to handle blockheels. I must also admit that in shoes with wider heels is already somewhat more comfortable. Above all, one does not become younger, too, and does not want to bother his feet because of beauty. 😉

Dress: H&M
Bag&Chocker: Shein
Shoes: Pimkie

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