Actually, it’s a little late for this post but unfortunately after my trip to Barcelon I never took the time to put it online. But now I find it quite good to choose this article now, because as I have, certainly some of you are on the point to plan their summerholidays or you’re even on to book.

Mister C. and I have booked our holidays always on, but last summer we have decided to book the trip on Expedia with “Click&Mix”. The flight & hotel were thus for 8 days at approximately € 550, – per person.

In Vienna we took off and landed in Barcelona, for a few Euros we got a bus directly to the city. From there, it were 3 or 4 stops by the metro to our hotel, which was located directly on the Avenida Diagonal. The Agbar Tower was a house number next to us. From our roof terrace you had a great view to the sea, on the Segrada Familia and up to the Park Güell. We have seen a lot in these eight days, our feets have hurt, the occasional sunburn we also got hold (from sightseeing – not from sunbathing) and we ate like kings.

The older I get, I make more thoughts on sights there are to explore, how clean my room is and where to get good food. Last summer, we have spent more money for good food as for shopping. My highlights in Barcelona: food + Sangria + sun + beach + sea + Mister C.

I was soooo glad packed my sneakers. Without them, I would have died. Extremely useful were our headgear and always 1 bottle of water have been found in my luggage.

Our to-do list was dutifully processed by us, but when you finally in barcelona, there are soooo many spots that you would like to explore.

Barcelona is definitely a second or even third visit worth.

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