I recently had the pleasure to shoot with a very loving photographer. Despite the cold, it was no problem for us to rise a warm atmosphere between us. Andrea is a very nice and ambitious photographer.
It was very pleasant to shoot with her, because I do not know how to say, but female photographers radiate a sense of understanding of. Well understanding might sound a bit stupid to you, but everyone who has ever stood at a photographer lens before can certainly confirm that. Everything is much more informal and you chatter a lot more and one does not have the feeling to be valued constantly. Although until now I always had the good fortune to shoot with photographers who have not indeed made me feel, but yet you have faith as more having to meet more expectations. I’d say so: male photographers are critical. I think that this was one reason why there has been so much fun, despite the freezing temperatures with Andrea. More photos by Andrea can be found on her Facebook page.

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, in the Augarten you can always find the right spot for a couple of photos or simply to just switch off. The many avenues of trees let us forget that we are just in the middle of a big city. I think it’s totally a shame that the two flak towers simply coincide only in itself. A piece Nifty is gradually forgotten.

So and for those who want to know what makes up my outfit, just read.

My absolute hyper favourite boots are from Zign – these things are close to divine; the leather is as soft as a glove. The skirt I found at C&A, which quite easily make it under my Top10 this winter. Why? It does not have a collar – this means that you may eat as much as you would like, yet no tweak or press. *laughing* The jacket from Moncler you already know and my sweater is from NewYorker.

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  1. Moin,

    als “kritischer” männlicher (Hobby-) Fotograf, der auch gern Fashionshoots mit Moncler, Duvetica etc macht, gefallen mir diese Bilder natürlich besonders gut 🙂 In Wien mal shooten, das wär echt mal ne Steigerung. Bis dahin muss ich mich mal mit dem Würzburger Hofgarten begnügen, der allerdings für so was auch wie geschaffen ist – werde ich als Anregung aufnehmen und im Auge behalten. Wenn man verschiedene Jacken/Mäntel mitschleift, um auch damit Abwechslung bei den Outfits der Models zu haben, ist es mit Publikum allerdings schon etwas komisch, wenn man mit Koffer da durchtappelt denk ich mal :)))

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