Whenever I see a tulle skirt somewhere, that reminds me of old memories. The Tutu was, when I think more precisely today, my luck of discovering me. At the age of four a friend of mine told me that she would be a gymnast from now on. Not a second thought about it then I meant to my mother that I would like to become gymnast too.

I could not wait to finally be able to do some somersaults but unfortunately I missed the right outfit. I did not want to put on any short pants and a silly t-shirt, no, I decided for the pink body with the Tutu from the time when my sister went to the ballet. I was a real “eye-catcher”. 😀

Already after the first gymnastics unit the coaches were convinced that I was not in the right section I should simply join the “real” gymnasts. Said and done. Years later, we stumbled over old photos of the first gym which my mother had photographed. My former coach said, “So the Tutu was a bit too much (logical you were only 4) but your potential we probably would not have recognized under so many girls.”

Oh, my trainers were not always amused by me. I was suuuuper slow and lazy and my mother had always expected me to throw the towel much sooner. I worked hard until I was accepted into the national squad. My parents do not yet know where this ambition has remained for the school. 😀 I must have lost it on my way.

For 18 years, the gymnastics kept me on hold until it was no longer so prickly to creep home on all fours, because the rack hurts.

It doesn’t worked without sports, and until my move to Vienna, this gap filled the ballet.

As you can see, this special piece of fabric has never let go. 🙂

PS: You will find this cool location by the way in the Viennese city park. The restaurant “Steirereck” looks not only from the outside really cool, you can also eat exquisite. If you prefer it more traditional, you just have to go downstairs, there you can find the “Meierei”. Cheese lovers are there in the right place!

Pullover: NewYorker
Skirt: Selfmade
Bag: Shein
Pumps: H&M
Ring: Heirloom

Photocredit by Paulina&Thomas Photography

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  1. Traumhaft schöne Bilder und dieser Tütü ist natürlich absolut zauberhaft. Ich finde das übrigens cool, dass du Kunstturnen gemacht hast und jetzt Ballett, wusste ich noch gar nicht. Ich seh schon es wird Zeit für ein neues Treffen 🙂

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