Unfortunately I wrote down latley my experiences about April 30, and to share it with you now. Three weeks ago I was allowed to know Piers Atkinson, a star hatdesigner and Ivana Nohel, a talented cloth designer from England, through the dedication and passion of Corinna (BlogUp Official) and the Modepalast.

Over coffee, baguettes and other delicacies told us the British milliner of his career and at all actually his mother have to take the blame. * Laughing

Already his mother was milliner.

Piers is not only funny, no, he well understood his craft, because its customers to include Lady Gaga, Anna Della Russo etc. Perhaps the one or other of you know this crazy cherry hair band, exactly this headband has Piers done. Piers has set me a super cute pillbox on my head and Ivana taught me the art of cloth binding.

After Ivana had put me a stitch around the neck, I felt like my attitude was much more sublime and more confident. And I felt so sweet in my pink outfit.

Ivana told us that she has just started designing the cloths themselves. With passion and humor she has presented to us the most diverse types of towels and illustrates how quickly a cloth is transformed into a very stable handbag.

As always, I look forward to attend an event of BlogUp. Also at the Modepalast a huge thank you for the goodies and the meeting with Piers and Ivana.

Photocredit by DerFritz

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